Registered address: 139/6/13 Duongvanduong st., Tanphu Dist., Hochiminh City Vietnam
Factory: 371 Highway 741, Farm1, Tienhung Village, Dongxoai Dist., Binhphuoc Province Vietnam.
Tel: 84916124699
Fax : 84837672668
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Dear our friendly customers,

Natu(r)foodvn is producer and direct exporter of vietnam dried natural food mainly:

- White rice, jasmine rice, glutinous rice.

- Coconut: desiccated coconut high fat, coconut fruits.

- Black pepper, white pepper.

- Robusta coffee, arabica coffee. roasted and green.

- Cashew nuts.

We produce the dried foods according to buyer of orders according to haccp standard, with quality control(qc) staff, processing and quality control 10 years experienced.

Our products are faithful quality, most reasonable cost exported and accepted by 100 countries over the world with regular delivery, best after-sale service, cheap and safe.

Welcome all customers over the world.

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